Sulphur Recovery Units with SulphurPro®

  • Model SRUs using fundamentally sound chemical reaction kinetics in the furnace, waste heat boiler, sulphur condensers, and catalytic converters.  No more curve fits to poor quality or sparse performance data.
  • Fully integrate the SRU model with models for AGRs, AGEs, SWSs, Quench & TGTUs
  • Sulphur condenser equipment sizing/rating, utility calculations
  • Furnace kinetics with NH3, BTEX, hydrocarbon destruction & CS2 formation
  • Model Incinerator stack SO2 scrubbing with caustic and ammonia
  • Perform waste heat boiler sizing/rating and utility calculations, including kinetics of exothermic COS formation & H2 recombination reactions that impact heat flux at the critical tube-to-tubesheet joint - a common reliability failure point
  • Assess Claus catalyst activity with accurate COS, CS2 hydrolysis & sulphur dew point profiles in catalytic converters
  • Accurately predict H2S, H2Sx & SO2 solubility in molten sulphur and physical properties
  • First principles rate-based prediction - see the performace impacts of oxygen enrichment on sulphur recovery, exchanger performance, and H2 production first hand
  • Accurate temperature profiles for catalytic converter beds
  • Model SUPERCLAUS┬« and Sub-dew-point technology
  • Number one for accuracy, reliability, robustness and speed. Closely predicts good quality performance test data.

Simulate sulphur recovery integrated with AGRs, AGEs, SWSs, and TGUs: