Crossflow Trays

ProTreat offers a range of traditional trays for the primary purpose of enabling the calculation of mass transfer rates between the phases in gas treating applications.  A secondary purpose is to allow you to appropriately size a column for stated percentages of downcomer backup, downcomer choke, and tray jet flood or to rate a column in terms of these performance parameters.  ProTreat's mass transfer performance characteristics are based on experimental measurements in both small scale (but larger than 2-ft diameter) towers and on commercial tower performance data and, therefore, have proven to be reliable and accurate.  Tray types include sieves, large valves, and bubble caps but do not include mini-valves, push vales, specialty downcomer treatments, centrifugal trays such as ULTRAFRAC and ConSep trays for which mass transfer measurements appear never to have been made.  However, for the most part, newer tray types have been developed with a view to improved processing capacity.  The mass transfer characteristics of legacy trays appear to match more modern trays quite well when operated at the same flood rating.

ProTreat's hydraulic rating and pressure drop calculations are not intended to supplant vendor calculations and you are advised to seek more accurate ratings and performance guarantees for the vendor of the tray of interest.  Major suppliers are Sulzer Chemtech, Raschig, and Koch-Glitsch.