Random Packing

Random packing is available in an enormous range of shapes and sizes, and ProTreat simulates the mass transfer and hydraulic performance of them all.  Packed columns are continuous contacting devices whereas trays are discrete.  Therefore, the packed column is discretized for simulation.  This is done so as to ensure that the discretization accurately reflect the back-mixing or axial dispersion that really exists in the column.  The result is uncanny simulation accuracy.  Many gas treating applications involve fast reacting solvents and in such cases packing mass transfer performance is controlled mostly by the wetted area of the packing.  This is a function of surface tension, other properties, and phase flow rates, and it applies equally to both random and structured packings.  Read more...

The packings shown here are the most modern available and have extraordinarily low pressure drop and very high hydraulic capacity.  More information can be had by directly contacting the suppliers via the hyperlinked images below.

Raschig SuperRing®
Sulzer NeXRing®