Version 7.0 Release


Optimized Gas Treating, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of ProTreat® Version 7.0

Release date: May 2022

  1. New Physical Solvent – Sulfolane
  2. New Thermodynamic Package – Hybrid Solvents
    1. Rigorously model mixtures of amines and physical solvents
    2. Accurate VLE, physical properties and mass transfer characteristics for blends of water, amines and sulfolane
  3. Major COS Model Update
    1. Accurately predict the chemical absorption of COS in columns
    2. Rigorous reaction chemistry and kinetics model
  4. DIPA Model Update
    1. Complete refit of DIPA VLE and physical properties
    2. Incorporated latest published data
    3. Improved mercaptans predictions
  5. New DOW Solvents
    1. UCARSOLTM HS-101
    2. UCARSOLTM HS-102
    3. UCARSOLTM HS-115
    4. UCARSOLTM AP-802
    5. UCARSOLTM LE-713
    6. UCARSOLTM LE-777
    7. UCARSOLTM LE-801
  6. New Hydrogenation Reactor Block
    1. First-Gen Cobalt-Molybdenum Catalyst
    2. Rigorous reaction kinetic model
    3. Hydrothermal ageing model
    4. Catalyst poisoning model
    5. Layer catalyst and inert sections in the same bed
    6. Calculate pressure drop across the catalyst bed
    7. Advanced vessel rating and sizing options
  7. Sulphur Converter Improvements
    1. New kinetic model for Titania Catalyst
    2. Completely reworked interface
    3. Layer Alumina and Titania catalyst along with inert support layers in the same bed
    4. Calculate pressure drop across the catalyst bed
    5. Advanced vessel rating and sizing options
  8. Burner Block Improvements
    1. Advanced reaction control of H2S thermal splitting and partial oxidation to model Acid Gas Fired Reheaters
    2. Effluent temperature spec
    3. Solver variables implemented
  9. New Sulphur Conversion and Recovery Tables
    1. Flexible calculation and display of Sulphur conversion and/or recovery on the Flowsheet
    2. User ability to create and customize any number of calculation ‘stages’
  10. Callouts Improvements
    1. Create and manage templates from new or existing callouts
    2. Change default callout configuration
    3. Add callouts by right-clicking on flowsheet streams

  11. Duplicator Block Reference Stream feature – Seamless duplication of any flowsheet stream including internal streams
  12. Reworked Convergence Dashboard
    1. Completely reworked flowsheet convergence dashboard to easily monitor and troubleshoot convergence
    2. Minimize, close, dock or float for convenience
  13. Docking/Floating capabilities for the Flowsheet Window, Stream Table and Convergence Dashboard
  14. Graphics Update – High resolution for flowsheet drawings and other windows

  15. Usability Improvements
    1. Ctrl+Scroll to zoom flowsheet
    2. Hold Space key to multi-insert a selected palette block
    3. Drag to reorder components in the components manager
    4. Drag to reorder streams in the stream table
    5. File Auto-backup/Recovery system
    6. Unit manager changes in the PTR mode gets transferred to the PTD mode

  16. Significant convergence speed improvements