Version 6.6 Release


Optimized Gas Treating is pleased to announce the release of ProTreat® Version 6.6

Release date: June 2021

  1.  Improved Piperazine-CO2 kinetics
    1. Re-assessment of Piperazine-CO2 reaction kinetics leads to faster predicted CO2 pick up in mass transfer rate limited columns
  2. Data Call Outs for Streams
    1. Fully customizable to display any value in any units
    2. This block can be added and specified in either the PTD (input file) or PTR (results file). If specified in the PTR, that information is carried back to the PTD.
    3. Callouts appear in flow sheet exports and Custom Excel Reports
    4. Values are automatically updated with each run
    5. Can be placed anywhere on the flowsheet or minimized to save space
  3. Two new flowsheet blocks
    1. Reheater – Heat transfer rate-based block for sulfur plant simulation
      1. Includes sizing, rating, and simple energy balance modes
      2. Rigorous heat transfer and pressure drop calculations
      3. Auto-generated utility streams
    2. Burner – Simulates combustion operations
      1. Auto-generated air and tempering steam streams
      2. Emission factors for estimating emissions
  4. Calculated Pressure Drop feature available for most blocks
    1. Pressure drop through blocks responds to changes in flow rate and density
    2. Import From Results button makes data entry easier: First run the block with its design pressure drop, then on subsequent runs the pressure drop will scale up or down from that fixed point.
  5. Improvements to Column block
    1. Liquid inventory reported including trays, packing, and (optional) sump
    2. Downcomer backup reported for trays if downcomer clearance is provided
    3. More variables available to plot
    4. Methods can be chosen for hydraulics and mass transfer in packed sections. Mass transfer methods include equilibrium stage.
    5. Improved convergence stability
    6. New CO2 Kinetics Adjustment Factor for Reactive Amine
  6. Automatically renumber all streams with a new command in the Edit menu
  7. New driverless HASP keys available
  8. Other improvements
    1. New flowsheet components: C5 – C8 alkenes
    2. Several new units added to Unit Manager
    3. Several minor improvements to flowsheet drawing and stream auto-routing
    4. Case Study can now manipulate amine concentration in Control Block
    5. Gibbs Reactor includes fugacity effects at high pressure and more accurate flame temperatures
    6. Updated VLE for butyl mercaptan in MDEA
    7. Improved model for ICE3137 solvent
    8. New stream warning for salts of ammonia and CO2 precipitating from aqueous liquids
    9. Minor bug fix for Sulfur Converter block related to catalyst loading spec