ProTreat Version 6.5.1 Released


Optimized Gas Treating, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of ProTreat® Version 6.5.1

Advances include:

  1. CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation
    1. OGT software can now be integrated into other CAPE-OPEN enabled simulation environments as subflowsheets
  2. HeatX/HTXR Blocks
    1. Calculate exchangers in simple rating mode
      1. Specify U, A, or lumped UA with optional fouling resistance
      2. Load Rating results to easily switch from Simple Energy Balance to Simple Rating
      3. Correction factors apply to LMTD based on available flow types
    2. New specifications for vapor fraction, degrees superheat/subcool, and temperature approach
    3. NOTE: Some COM functions / constants have been deprecated
  3. Heater Block
    1. New Thermal specifications for vapor fraction and degrees superheated/subcooled
  4. Column Block
    1. New Downcomer Choke Options
      1. Apply system factor to Downcomer Choke
      2. Choose the Downcomer Choke Correlation
    2. Specify section pressure by a feed stream
    3. New specifications for outlet streams
      1. Flash any outlet stream to equilibrium
      2. Liquid carry-over into top vapor stream
      3. Vapor carry-under into bottom liquid stream
    4. New Calculation Options
      1. Liquid and Vapor Heat Transfer Coefficient Factors
      2. "Liquid" and "Vapor Film Coefficients" renamed as "Liquid" and "Vapor Mass Transfer Coefficient Factors"
    5. General Improvements
      1. Improved feed flash handling for tighter mass/energy balance closure
      2. Highest/Lowest Liquid/Vapor temperature added to column reporting
  5. Sulfidation Corrosion
    1. Calculate Sulfidation Corrosion rates in Waste Heat Boilers and Sulphur Condensers with several models offered
  6. Recycle Block
    1. Achieve faster flowsheet convergence and aid in flowsheet troubleshooting by Updating Initial Estimates from current results
  7. Inlet Block
    1. Assess Inlet conditions by Flashing feed streams in drawing files (PTD)
      1. Right-Click and Flash Stream or View Flash Results
  8. Flowsheet Drawing Improvements
    1. Material Stream and Solver Stream Autorouting
    2. Align Stream Anchors or Block centerlines using block snapping
  9. Custom Excel Reporting Improvements
    1. Customize cover sheets and headers with company logos and contact information
    2. Expanded phase reporting customization
  10. Usability Improvements
    1. Copy Down/Copy Up component concentration or flow units selections in Inlet Blocks, Recycle Blocks, and Control Blocks to the rest of the component list providing even faster input of mixed unit sets
    2. Expanded COM features
    3. Stop flowsheet execution and report current flowsheet results
  11. Additional Heat Stable Salts
    1. Salts added to simulate sea water scrubbing
      1. Lithium (Li+1), Magnesium (Mg+2), Manganese (Mn+2), Calcium (Ca+2), Copper (Cu+2), Zinc (Zn+2), Strontium (Sr+2), Bromide (Br-1), Fluoride (F-1), Nitrate (NO3-1), Nitrite (NO2-1), Iodide (I-1), Borate (BO3-3), Citrate (C6H5O7-3), Malonate(C3H2O4-2), Succinate (C4H4O4-2), Lactate (C3H5O3-1), Butyrate (C4H7O2-1)
  12. New Flash Algorithm
    1. Significant speed and stability improvements for thermodynamic flash calculations
  13. Thermodynamic Improvements
    1. More consistent predictions for water-lean aqueous systems
  14. Miscellaneous bug fixes

Licenses have access to all updates as part of their license fees and are encouraged to download and start using Version 6.5.1 to take advantage of the very latest.


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