ProTreat Version 6.5 Released


Optimized Gas Treating, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of ProTreat® Version 6.5.

Advances include:

  1. Custom Excel Reports allow the user to export ProTreat's results into highly customizable spreadsheets.
  2. New Clariant solvent:
    1. Genosorb® 1753 - Optional, special license required
  3. New DOW solvents:
    1. UCARSOLTM HS-103
    2. UCARSOLTM AP-804
    3. UCARSOLTM AP-806
    4. UCARSOLTM AP-810
    5. UCARSOLTM AP-814
  4. New packings offered:
    1. New packings: Raschig Super Ring Plus and Sulzer NexRings
    2. Updated some Sulzer packings based on feedback from Sulzer
    3. Hydraulics for Sulzer packings are now calculated by a DLL supplied by Sulzer
  5. Major update of MDEA and Piperazine thermo
    1. Incorporated recently published and collected data into updated model
    2. Performance of some columns using MDEA, Piperazine, and their blends will change with respect to treated gas composition, lean / rich loading, and absorber temperature profiles
  6. Refit and Update of mass transfer model
    1. Mass transfer characteristics of CO2 were updated
    2. Viscosity of some CO2-loaded aqueous amines has been refitted
    3. Some characteristics of heat and mass transfer for trays have been updated
  7. Thermodynamic packages have been renamed:
    1. "Deshmukh-Mather" is now called "OGT Gas Treating"
    2. "Non-Ionic" is now called "Physical Solvents"
    3. "Sulphur" remains unchanged
    4. The "ProTreat Decides (Non-Sulphur)" option has been eliminated. Blocks which previously used this option will be automatically changed to whichever package is set as the Global Thermo Package.
  8. Completely new and improved warning system which eliminates pop-ups and graphically indicates which blocks / streams have warnings associated with them. Warnings are saved and viewable in result files.
  9. Solver Blocks now offer several new usability improvements:
    1. Solver restarts greatly improve execution time for previously converged flowsheets
    2. Linear and Quadratic Search with Optional Limits project the adjust variable to meet the target specification
    3. Available solver connection points automatically appear when drawing the adjust or target variable connection stream
  10. Inlet Blocks now allow the user to specify the vapor fraction of a stream. Streams can be specified at their dew point, bubble point, or any vapor fraction in between at a specified temperature or pressure.
  11. Column Block
    1. Reboilers now allow specification of a Reboiler Temperature or a Reboiler Molar Boilup Ratio
    2. Sections can be deleted or duplicated
    3. Improved default segmentation for packed columns
      1. Packed column segmentation can now be specified as the total number of segments or as the height of a single segment
    4. Improved downcomer choke predictions
    5. New Column Reporting Features
      1. Heat Capacity Ratio (HTCR) is now available as a column result. This parameter assists in analyzing the operating regime of the column, as discussed in recent OGT publications.
      2. Enthalpy, Moles absorbed for each component, and Dry Gas Dewpoint can be calculated and reported for every segment
      3. Total Segment pressure drop is reported for every segment. Trayed segments also report Dry and Wet components of the total segment pressure drop
  12. Control Blocks now offer different options for calculating make up / purge rates. Make up and purge can now be represented as material streams.
  13. Molten Sulphur viscosity is now calculated using the more accurate ASRL correlation
  14. Stream Names are now displayed on the flowsheet drawing and in Custom Excel Reporting
  15. Usability Improvements:
    1. Column temperature graphs can now be disabled during execution
    2. Streams in a results file can be copied to a new Inlet or Recycle block
    3. Users can now customize the order of components
    4. Multiple compositions can now be pasted into Inlet / Recycle / Control Blocks as blocks of values
    5. Stream and Block names can now be hidden from the flowsheet display using controls under Setup
    6. Updated and expanded list of COM variables
    7. Column results now include the Minimum and Maximum Temperature in the column. This will assist in monitoring the column's operation against limits that may be of interest to the user
    8. Licensing/HASP tools are now integrated into the GUI
      1. HASP key updates or drivers can be applied or installed through help links
      2. Softkey licenses can be set to auto login and logout as the GUI is launched and closed, respectively.
  16. Other Calculation Improvements:
    1. Liquid enthalpy now includes enthalpy of compression
    2. SO2's critical pressure was corrected in ProTreat's database, leading to more accurate phase behavior for streams rich in SO2
  17. ProTreat data files (PTData.001, ...) now have internal version checking which ensures that the files match the installed version of ProTreat.
  18. Miscellaneous bug fixes

Licenses have access to all updates as part of their license fees and are encouraged to download and start using Version 6.5 to take advantage of the very latest.


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