Consulting Overview

OGT is the industry leader in the simulation of gas treating and sulphur recovery operations. Our staff are recognized global experts in mass transfer rate-based modeling. Our premier modeling tools are the highly regarded ProTreat® simulator for solvent-based gas treating and the SulphurPro® simulator for SRUs and tail gas treaters. But we do a lot more than just simulate process units - we actually design and write the models that engineers use. Our approach starts with first-principles chemistry and physics of real plant processes, then we apply our unique mathematical and engineering skills to write first-class models and develop accurate, predictive engineering tools for our clients. And, did you know OGT also provides top-notch, high-level engineering consulting services?

Our staff have many years of in-depth experience in process design, startup and operation, and in deploying completely predictive simulation tools for process units. We consult for the consultants and offer a unique and unmatched perspective on solving process bottlenecks, fixing problem operations, and providing you with first-rate simulation tools uniquely tailored to your needs.

OGT offers Consulting Services relevant to Gas Treating, SWS, Caustic Treating, SRU, and TGU process operations, including

  • Full Unit Reviews of plant designs, safety, environmental performance, reliability, and cost-effective operations. Ask us about using a Full Unit Review
  • Troubleshooting: root cause diagnosis of amine plant foaming, particulate contamination control, fouling, corrosion abatement, sample analysis interpretation, failure to meet treating specifications, inventory management, SWS and SRU plugging, diagnosis of capacity limitations
  • Plant optimization, debottlenecking
  • Equipment design validation
  • Validation of plant performance data and test analyses
  • Unit monitoring systems review and set up
  • Simulation Model Development Services:
    • Development, screening and commercialization of new gas treating solvents
    • Development of custom mass, heat and kinetics rate-based modeling tools for clients that desire accurate and predictive simulation of specialized equipment and processes

Recent software development and consulting projects include:

  • Building a simulator for a revolutionary new mass transfer device for a Major Oil Company,
  • Developing predictive software models for an ionic solvent, a new multi-amine solvent for CO2 capture, a specialized solvent for selective treating, and an enzyme-catalyzed CO2 capture solvent,
  • Investigating corrosion in an operating Carbon Capture Plant,
  • Acting as expert witness in litigation concerning a troubled gas treating plant,
  • Amine unit process review, optimization study, replacement column design consultancy for a large gas plant in the Barnett shale play of North Texas.

To find out how we can help you get the most from your plant, contact us.