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Optimized Gas Treating, Inc. (OGT) was established in 1992 by Ralph Weiland and Jack Dingman to provide a commercial version of a Windows-based software package for simulating acid gas removal specifically with aqueous alkanolamines. Today, ProTreat software is distinguished by its exclusive use of a fundamental mass and heat transfer rate approach to column modeling and now includes a number of proprietary solvents, physical and hybrid solvents, dehydration, sour water stripping, caustic treating, a full sulphur plant simulator, a COM interface, and most recently became CAPE-OPEN unit operation compliant. ProTreat is the culmination of more than 30 years of research in gas treating supported by government and industry in both academic and commercial environments. However, ProTreat is no longer our sole product.

SulphurPro® is OGT's latest offering in cutting edge software.  SulphurPro combines fundamental chemical reaction kinetics for the Claus reaction, COS and CS2 conversion and ammonia destruction with heat transfer rate calculations to simulate Claus sulfur recovery units on a sound scientific and engineering basis.  SulphurPro is the first truly predictive SRU simulator, relying on engineering fundamentals rather than regressions to often poorly measured plant performance data.  ProTreat and SulphurPro are the premier software packages for gas treating and sulphur recovery.

Recently OGT embarked on developing consulting and custom software services, leveraging 150+ man years of relevant experience in all aspects of gas treating and sulfur recovery.   As world recognized experts, we consult for the consultants and offer a unique and unmatched perspective on solving process bottlenecks, fixing problem operations, and providing you with first-rate simulation tools uniquely tailored to your needs.

Join an exciting team of professionals where working at the leading edge is fun, and everything you do has an impact!

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