SOGAT 2015


Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Venue: Workshop is held as part of SOGAT 2015 to be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Date: 03/22/2015 to 03/23/2015
Cost: $0.00
Meal Included: yes

In recent years, gas treating has become increasingly complex, exemplified by the importance of sour gas processing, LNG production, tail gas treating, and acid gas enrichment. Almost simultaneously, simulators have become much more capable of modelling treating processes in greater detail, to the point that simulation can now be done based on the fundamental and physically realistic basis of mass transfer rates. One cannot experiment with full-size production plants to improve understanding of process behaviour. However, the virtual reality of mass transfer rate-based simulation is a superb way to achieve real understanding by doing precisely what cannot be done in the plant. This is an opportunity to develop simulation proficiency under expert guidance. Participants will actually build, run, and analyse gas treating simulations.

Workshop Objectives

This two-day workshop is designed to help you

· Gain true in-depth understanding of amine treating

· Understand tower behaviour under pinch conditions of operation

· Improve selectivity in your plant’s operations

· Develop expertise in AGE

· Properly choose and evaluate selective solvents for sour gas

· Avoid pitfalls in designing and operating LNG facilities

· Troubleshoot misbehaving gas treating units

Who Should Attend

The workshop is intended for

· Engineers relatively new to gas treating as well as experienced engineers

· Technical managers and engineers engaged in plant design, production, troubleshooting and revamps of process units in sour gas treating and sulphur production

· Process equipment suppliers, particularly of towers used for treating

Workshop Contents

The focus of the workshop is hands-on experimentation using a rate-based simulator as a virtual plant to achieve real understanding of amine treating units in the context of:

· Acid Gas Enrichment

· Tail Gas Treating and the Effect of Solvent Contaminants

· Deep CO2 Removal in LNG Production and Syngas Generation

· The Effect of Pinches on Treating Unit Performance

· Troubleshooting Non-performing Treating Units

· Influence of tower internals type and details on selectivity and acid gas enrichment (AGE)

o What drives selectivity

o Trays, random packing, and structured packing—when to use what

o How to design/specify trays for improved selectivity

A limited number of laptop computers will be provided, allowing up to 30 participants using provided equipment. If you wish to use your own computer, an evaluation copy of ProTreatÒsoftware must be installed before the workshop—please contact OGT by sending an email to in plenty of time before the workshop so the software can be downloaded and installed.

Please register directly through the SOGAT 2015 conference website.