Optimized Gas Treating, Inc.

ProTreat - The industry's most powerful gas treating simulation tool

ProTreat® takes out the guesswork, offering the ultimate in accuracy, reliability and predictive power. Mass transfer rate-based since its inception, ProTreat provides unrivaled certainty and reliability in unit design, research & scoping studies, plant optimization, and troubleshooting. It uses only what you can measure or read from a drawing, no efficiencies, no HETPs, no residence times, no rules of thumb. A ProTreat mass transfer rate-based model of your facility is so accurate and so detailed, it's a virtual plant.

In addition to solvents with up to three amines, ProTreat also offers the full INEOS* GAS/SPEC* solvent suite, the solvent in SELEXOL™, Genosorb®, and Coastal AGR, dehydration with MEG, DEG and TEG, amine-promoted hot potassium carbonate, caustic treating, and sour water stripping, too. The ProTreat package is a flexible-flowsheeting process-simulation tool that runs under all Windows operating systems with unbelievably fast load and execution times.

ProTreat is used by major solvent suppliers, operating companies, designers and contractors, and equipment packagers.

Take the guesswork out of gas treating.  Try ProTreat's extraordinary power and unique capabilities!